My name is Vanessa.  I am a mother of a sweet little girl and a wonderful baby boy and proud wife to a man who will do whatever it takes for us.  We love learning alongside our Classical Conversations homeschool group, traveling, playing with, and serving others.  Whether it is saving money, learning how to make math fun for our daughter, or helping others improve their health, I am passionate in my quest to seek Jesus, who has made the broken pieces of my life whole.  I love seeing the big picture and how all our lives connect to make The Whole Deel.

In 2008, the recession caused our family to move from the Greater Cleveland area to the Greater Cincinnati area.  Living away from family quickly utilized every ounce of energy I had to care for our then, two-year-old, and I found myself quickly critically fatigued and my daughter suddenly stagnant in her growth.  In 2010, a friend invited me to learn what I could do to take control of our health.  In a matter of weeks, my daughter grew 2 inches and I was regaining my strength.

It was then that I decided I wanted to share this same avenue of health with others while bringing stability to our income so that any future recession waves would not affect us.  Since then, we have not only expanded our vision of where we are headed, but we have expanded our family.  The very pregnancy of our second child would not have been possible and we can move forward – together.

I am honored to be apart of Impact Partners International, an incredible team of community and business leaders across the United States.  Our mission is to be one of the biggest forces of positive social change, helping people live healthier and better lives.

Deep in my heart, I had always had an interest to homeschool my children.  However, I always thought it would happen much later in their schooling.  If you would have told me when I married my husband that I would start homeschooling my first grader while also caring for a new 5-month old baby, I would have LAUGHED in your face!  Instead, it is by God’s grace that this is exactly how our homeschool journey unfolded.  As a graduate with a B.A. in English Literature, our choice to home educate first began when I was greatly distressed after enrolling our daughter in the local school district’s Kindergarten to learn that all the sounds in the English language were not taught – nor was learning how to spell words correctly.  Instead, “inventive” spelling was encouraged, where the goal was not to hinder a child’s self-esteem by pointing out any errors.  The thinking was that a child would naturally “understand” how to spell and become more creative in their writing to start writing whatever they felt at an earlier age.  Our daughter on the other hand, who was very talented with words, was very frustrated and bored in school.  We did an experiment to homeschool in the afternoons while she attended in the mornings.  She could quickly see that what she was learning wasn’t right and began to like Mommy’s school much better.

After much prayer and visiting other schools in our town, one day we met a family at a friend’s birthday party who homeschooled their children classically.  I knew it was an answer to prayer because the Classical school that I dreamed for our children to attend was way out of price range, but something I knew I could teach.  This family’s son came up to me and recited John 1:1-7 in English AND Latin.  And I knew right then and there, this was an incredible opportunity.

The next year, we enrolled in Classical Conversations.  We have never looked back.  Will I homeschool through high school?  That is a matter of prayer.  What I do know, is that both my children – even my son not yet of preschool age – have a BLAST learning and actually REMEMBER it because of Classical Conversations.  I love that these years are so full of chances “to know God and to make Him known,” while also growing in an incredible wealth of subjects that are important to the goals of our  family.

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